Our Story

Vivoryon Therapeutics has an experienced discovery and development team with a strong track record in delivering therapies to patients. We have product candidates in both clinical and preclinical development and are focusing on age-related diseases with unmet medical need.

We are relentless and focused on putting patients at the center of everything we do and strive to develop life-changing medicines.

Our Strategy

Identify and rapidly develop product candidates with clear biology, validated mechanisms and the potential to deliver life-changing improvement to patients suffering from age-related diseases.


first-in-class clinical phase 2 molecule in Alzheimer’s disease


clinical phase 1/2 ready first-in-class molecule for cancer immune checkpoint inhibition


patent families around QPCT and QPCTL inhibitors

12+ years

track-record of bringing drugs from research into clinic


in vivo characterized small molecule inhibitors for cancer immune checkpoint inhibition


family of diabetes blockbuster drugs based on our research