AD 100

Alzheimer´s disease

• Small molecule oral QPCT/L inhibitors with good blood-brain barrier penetration
• Inhibit production of N3pE amyloid (pGlu-Abeta): neurotoxic, glutaminylated, soluble Abeta peptides
• Significant effects of lead candidate varoglutamstat on working memory, synaptic function & CSF biomarkers after 12w treatment in early AD patients (SAPHIR Phase 2a)
• Monoclonal N3pE-antibody PBD-C06, specifically designed to bind to and remove neurotoxic N3pE amyloid from the brain
Cancer 100


• Small molecule QPCTL inhibitors to modulate cancer immune checkpoint activity
• Precision intervention to modulate the activity of pro-metastatic chemokines of the CCL family
• Opportunity for combination therapies
NASH 100


• Small molecule QPCTL inhibitors to modulate the CCL2-CCR2 axis
• In vivo proof of concept in NAFLD mice
• Investigated as single agent and in combination with meprin inhibitors
Fibrosi 100


• First-in-class meprin alpha/beta single and dual selective small molecule inhibitors
• In vivo proof of concept in AKI animal model
• Unique recognition pattern allows design of selective and specific meprin protease inhibitors