Business Development

Why partner with us

We have a track record of successful scientific and development collaborations that demonstrate efficiency, innovation, and strong relationships with our service partners.

We are collaborating with partners to advance our drug development programs and are keenly interested in developing and integrating novel differentiated programs and platforms.

What drives us

We want to bring pharmaceutical innovation to the patients in need.


is the timespan in which someone in the US is diagnosed with AD


Chinese are expected to suffer from AD by 2050


patients worldwide are diagnosed with cancer every year


people globally will be aged over 65 by 2025

What We’re Focused On

We are focused on building a differentiated portfolio of transformational therapeutics for patients with serious and life-threatening diseases. We have the aging populations in mind and focus on different disease areas with the clear focus to bring pharmaceutical innovation to the patients.

Alzheimer's Disease

  • Small molecules with good blood-brain barrier penetration
  • Inhibiting the occurrence of especially synaptotoxic glutaminylated soluble Abeta peptides
  • One of the most advanced AD trials globally
  • Clear clinical development path forward

Cancer Checkpoint Inhibition

  • Small molecules to modulate cancer immune checkpoint activity
  • Precision intervention to augment innate immune system activity
  • Combination therapeutics


  • Small molecule modulators of Glutaminyl cyclase enzymes
  • Large portfolio of inhibitors with long patent runtimes
  • Small molecules as co-medication therapies with anti-tumor antibodies
  • Differentiated efficacy profiles for the application inside or outside the brain


  • Modulating the activity of post-translational modifying enzymes
  • Rapid development potential from concept to clinial phase
  • Biomarker based clinical research
  • Working with the best experts and technology providers in their field

Dr. Michael Schaeffer
Chief Business Officer